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Bridging the Gap

OOHLALA…I am grateful to be a part of the Forever Fierce: Midlife Revolution and for the amazing Catherine Graceo and her brilliant brainchild, Bridging the Gap! A simple, yet powerful campaign to bring together millennial and midlife women influencers from all over the world for Reciprocal Mentorship!

And for the first time participating in this campaign, what better millennial partner than my beautiful, smart and creative daughter, Katie! Let Love Brew Blog is Katie’s updated and refreshed blog where she shares all the things she loves in life, BIG and small, and hopes to spread happiness and inspire others to share the things they love, too!

Are you a twenty-something having the time of your life, loving the stage of life where you transitioned into adulting yet you still feel young and free? Katie loves this age where there is still space to try new things and make mistakes while figuring out this beautiful adult woman!

When asked what advice Katie would give her twenty-year-old self it was to be patient with herself, trust the process and trust God to lead the way. It is so cool to see her accepting her own advice and sharing it with others. In addition to this advice, she would give herself she believes the best advice she has ever received “Don’t’ sweat the small stuff. Life’s going to give you enough big things to struggle with, so don’t little the small stuff cause undue stress”.

When you check in on Katie’s blog you will find all kinds of things that she LOVES in life! You definitely should expect to learn something about sports…because let me tell you…this girl knows FOOTBALL, basketball, soccer! As a matter of fact, her favorite movie is Remember the Titans, and if you choose to watch it with her you will listen to her quote parts throughout the movie!

And of course, you will learn about a wide variety of books from Katie! Needless to say, Katie has been a bookworm since she was a little girl and continues to love reading all types of books. She has always treasured To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, and Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers.

At the present time, Katie is loving being in her new home and learning to decorate to fit the style and feel she and Garrett want their home to have. Katie is also a nanny and at last, all the children are in school; therefore, she is able to spend her mornings on self-care and blogging!

You can find Katie on Instagram, Twitter, FaceBook, and of course, Let Love Brew Blog! As for me, I too, am on Instagram, Twitter, FaceBook, and my blog, Sparkle & Shine!

Cheers to millennials and midlifers! We are stronger together!



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