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Fall … a season of change and letting go

My dad stopped and picked up these two little leaves as a gift for me. Doesn’t seem like much, but for me the meaning is deep. For years He would have been too busy to notice them on the ground. But now, as he slips farther away from us, he notices and finds joy in simple things.

The leaves are a reminder that there is a time for everything...which includes CHANGE and LETTING GO. Accepting the change in Dad’s behavior, accepting the quietness or continual asking of the same question, accepting the childlike behaviors, accepting the not knowing of what’s next.

Letting go…letting go of Dad as he used to be and accepting Dad as he is now. Letting go of one of the most intelligent minds I’ve ever known, and accepting that he really doesn’t know.

In the midst of the change and letting go a lesson of TRUST is prevalent.  TRUSTING the process, trusting those who have been before us and TRUSTING God to give us strength and courage, patience and peace in knowing He has us all in His care.

Bridging the Gap