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Four Simple Tips for Creating a Healthy Lifestyle!

Have you ever had the opportunity to speak to a group and they invited you back for a second time? Well, that happened for mw, and I was delighted when many of the small business owners were back to hear me again. It was super fun that one participant told me she wore my tennis shoes because she knew I was going to make them move and afterwards she proceeded to tell me she had given up soft drinks after our last meeting and had lost 10 pounds! WOW! What a feeling.

In this stressed filled “busy” life many of us rarely take the time to SLOW down and take care of ourselves. The small business owner often feels that if she doesn’t work that extra hour, skip lunch or eat at her desk that the job just won’t get done.

However, it’s when we fail to take care of our self we put our businesses at risk because we become fatigued, sick or unproductive.

There are four simple tips that can lead to a healthier lifestyle. These tips are nothing new and have been spoken many times before; however, something here might resonate with you.

1. EAT HEALTHY! There are oh so many things to say here, but I would like to focus on SUGAR! I believe that if we would pay attention to our daily intake of sugar and cut it in half we would be a lighter society. Do you know that in 1822 the average American ate 20 pounds of sugar a year? Today, the average American eats about 23 teaspoons of sugar per day, which calculates to approximately 130 pounds of sugar a year! WHAT?!

So a woman should have about SIX teaspoons (24 grams) of sugar per day. That is about one quarter of what we are consuming. Also, according to the American Heart Association According to the American heart association 33% of our sugar comes from regular soft drinks, 16.1% from candy, 12.9% cakes and cookies, and pies.  We are drinking ALOT of sugar, and reducing soda and sweet tea is a small step in the right direction. This is all refined white sugar and things that we could live without or have as a treat not a daily indulgence.

Have you paid attention to your daily sugar intake? Google all the names for sugar, read your labels and you may be shocked at your daily sugar intake. I know I was. What would happen if you cut that intake in half? Try it you might like the way you feel.

2. EXERCISE! It would be a wonderful world if we all could move at least ONE hour a day. I tell my clients to pretend you have 23 hours in a day because one is already taken for exercise. But since we don’t all have or make that luxurious time what would it be like if you scheduled thirty minutes a day for exercise? And, what if, those 30 minutes can be broken into 10-minute segments?

At our Lunch and Learn we actually warmed up sitting in our chairs then moved to standing, getting our heart rate a little higher and completed the 10 minutes back in our chair with cool down. It’s amazing at how you can increase your blood flow and energy level with 10 minutes of exercise!

3. BREATHE! My all time favorite breath work is Dr. Andrew Weil’s 4-7-8 Breathing techniques. Breath work is simple, requires no equipment or extra space; therefore, it can be done anywhere. When you practice controlling your breath you calm your nervous system. You can learn more about this practice here,

For me, since I began a daily breathing practice I feel I am more relaxed and better prepared to handle stressful situations. Often times I will take a few deep breaths before opening my mouth. Because of this pause and breath my responses are quite different than years ago! Give it a go and see how you feel.

4. SLEEP! Are you like I use to be and work on your computer, tablet or phone right up until bedtime? Or do you sleep with your phone by your bed? Did you know the blue lighting is stimulating? What I did not know is how all of these factors were affecting my sleep patterns! In this fast paced, high technological world, we all seem to neglect the importance of sleep. Although I had heard it many times before it was Arianna Huffington of the Huff Post that got this important message through my thick head. In Huffington’s book, Thrive and Sleep Revolution she goes into great detail about being sleep deprived and how this is draining us of energy, productivity and creativity. You also can enjoy her TedTalk!

I recently discovered the Bedtime button in the Clock app on my iPhone. I am using this to remind me it is bedtime so I can get back into the routine of going to bed at the same time every night. What would happen if you got a few extra zzz’s every night?

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