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No Weigh!

I had taken a hiatus from running competitive (actually just for fun) races for many months; however, I am hitting the pavement again. My first run was this past Saturday, and it felt really good, most of it was on a great path through the woods, it was a sunny morning but not too hot! I was pleased with how I felt as I was running up hill toward the finish line. But then I had to turn to cross the finish line and there staring me in the face was the electronic timer that said 47:46 (that's minutes) and my heart sank...I was immediately disappointed in myself and it was tough to push to finish line.

Why did that number upset me so? It is just a number and I felt great until I saw it. I had done my best.

Do you ever feel like that when you step on the scales? You are feeling good, you're pleased with the way you have been eating, and liking the way your jeans fit, AND THEN you step on the scale and whoa...that's not the number you want to see! That number changes how you feel at that moment. So, I will ask again....Why did that number upset you? It's just a number.

Do you still focus on what you weigh instead of feeling good about what you eat? Are you still in the mindset that your weight is the determining factor of if I am "healthy" – and if I "look good"? If you're like me, I was taught that what you weigh is the determining factor in how healthy you are. I was taught that being pretty meant being "skinny". Is that what you were taught?

Well, if you would like to change there’s hope!  I decided several years ago that I was going to get fit!  That I was going to take care of ME, and I would quit sabotaging myself by getting on a scale!  To make these changes I decided I WAS NOT going on a diet, I was going to make lifestyle changes and that’s how it’s happened! I started to LIVE MORE and weigh less!

And guess what?  I actually have thrown out the scales in our home!  Yep, you heard me.  I have no clue what I weigh!  Can you imagine this?  Would you like to break free from the shackles of the scale?  You can do it!

The weigh in number will take care of itself if you take care of you!   Go ahead and give yourself permission to get rid of those scales and forget the weight number.  Next, eat right, get some daily exercise, drink plenty of water, and get plenty of sleep! 



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