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One Epic Weekend Birthed The Radiant Soul Sister

April was my birthday month, and I had total intentions of using my birthday to kick off my return into blogging and the influencer world! But that post didn’t happen, and I kept letting my other ideas be just that…ideas that didn’t come to fruition.

So, TODAY is the day! Here I am, The Radiant Soul Sister, more excited than ever to return to blogging and sharing my voice with others. I am finishing April STRONG!

My heart has been longing to get back into blogging to share my midlife wisdom with other midlife women who are on fire, struggling to ignite their inner fire, or bouncing around like me. On my social media and blog, you will get to know me through my real life stories about faith, fashion, fitness, food and of course, fun! And it is my prayer something will resonate with you!

For the past few years, I have been transforming and working diligently on me. But lately, something has been missing, and I have been struggling to find part of my voice. Of course, I have a booming Rodan+Fields business and growing team, an amazing group of yoga students, and former coaching clients but there was still some emptiness. AND then something magical happened!

Have you ever decided to go to an event and really had no clue why you were going? Well, that was me! My friend and fellow influencer, Suzanne Smith, www.thecrazyblondelifeblog, invited me to attend the first Style Collectives Conference. At first, I thought this conference was mainly for beauty and fashion bloggers, which was the focus; however, it was so much more and exactly what I needed to bring me home!

After a weekend of being affirmed, celebrated, educated, trained and showered with gifts, I left the Style Collective Conference with a clear vision of what I am supposed to be. So, The Radiant Soul Sister has come to life!

You can find me on Instagram; @susansayecrews, FaceBook, Twitter; @susansayecrews, and LinkedIn. Also, I am a hosting a FaceBook Group, The Radiant Soul Sisters, if you are a midlife woman in search of an amazing tribe of women who will support you, love you and share the journey of midlife with you.

The one request I have is when searching my social media and blog please be patient because the rebranding is taking place, and I am so excited for what’s to come! So stay tuned!

Does anyone else feel like I did…something was missing? Or have you found your inner light and it’s shining now? If so, I would love to hear your stories, too!

Shine Bright,

A LOVE Gift is Well Deserved